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Web Resources for Social Studies

Discussion Questions: Give us Feedback
How can we evaluate resources and determine if they are aligned to the academic content standards?
  Evaluating resources to determine alignment with Ohio’s Academic Content Standards is very important for educators. Critical evaluation ensures that instructional time is focused on appropriate content, enabling students to understand the content from the benchmarks and grade level indicators.

The link listed below is from the Ohio Social Studies Resource Center (OSSRC) and can be used to determine whether a resource is aligned to the Academic Content Standards or needs to be adapted for the content. In addition, the OSSRC provides a valuable database of peer-reviewed web-based resources that are aligned to the Academic Content Standards for Social Studies.
Where can we locate appropriate primary sources?
  Primary sources allow for a topic to be explored from a first person perspective. Instead of reading a text book summary of an event, students have the opportunity to delve into the thoughts and ideas of the people who were there.

The web sites below offer teachers an introduction to primary sources; not an exhaustive list, but a place to begin using primary sources. The Library of Congress features a series of lessons that focus on finding, identifying and analyzing sources to help students understand information presented in the documents. Use the list below to begin using a variety of primary sources with instruction.
What resources are available to teach and learn about Ohio history?
  The Ohio Historical Society has been called “Ohio’s attic” and is a good place to begin a search about Ohio’s history. Most counties in Ohio have their own local historical societies. Be sure to consider individuals in the local community who have lived through certain historical events as primary sources. Also, re-enactors from different time periods may be available to speak to your students.
What professional organizations are available to support social studies teachers?
  There are many organizations that support social studies education. Most provide support in the areas of content, methods and research. Social studies professional development is most effective in a collegial setting where ideas and methods are freely shared. Consider joining a professional organization to share ideas and hear the latest news and research from your colleagues.

The following list will get you started as you review the many different types of social studies resources available on-line.
  Social Studies Organizations:
  General Resources:

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